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Genesis Master Builders Rises To The Occasion

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Custom Home Design

Genesis Master Builders Inc. specializes in custom home design and custom home construction. When it comes to custom homes we make sure we pay close attention to making each property unique and exquisite. Browse through our gallery or Call Today For a Quote.  Click here to see our property in Tabernash, or Click Here to see our property in Fraser. Both are extraordinary custom home designs that our design team worked with each home owner to complete.

Genesis Master Builders Inc. specializes in custom construction for every home. When we put together your deck, kitchen or basement as a part of your new home construction we try to include every element of comfort, design, and functionality right from the initial build so you can save cost on future remodels from the initial design. Now we realize you can’t predict the future, but in most cases we can . A newlywed couple can usually anticipate if they want children or not, and creating the bedroom space in the initial design where an office can become a bedroom is something we take into consideration right from your initial blueprints. One of the reasons the homes we create are so dynamic, is because we plan for the future just as much as you do, and build your new home accordingly. We love to hear when a guest bathroom we planned in design becomes a kids’ bathroom years down the road with a trip to the Bed Bath & Beyond instead of a complete bathroom remodel.


Genesis Master Builders Inc. excels when it comes to Custom Home Design. Our design team is ready and able to turn any dream into a reality, from wall mounted electronics in the living room, to custom swivel mounts in the kitchen, bedroom fireplaces, and other custom amenities to home design, Genesis Master Builders Inc

Genesis Master Builders Inc. expects your custom home design blueprint to have all the specifics to make your dreams a reality.  Most homes have a basic structure that a lot of new home owners like to follow where the kitchen is connected to the living room with space enough for a breakfast bar, but sometimes things like a studio, office, basement home theater, and more don’t get included in the original design for various reasons.

We don’t want to have those reasons be what you remember about our home building

And so we incorporate things like the game room just down the hallway from the dining room with a depressed floor so after dinner you can relax with your family watch a sports game on TV or for a relaxing quiet game of billiards. The open kitchen crosses the first floor gallery with those families with cooks who like to prepare big meals for family Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrating, where 10-30 can be served around an old fashioned dinner table complete with centerpiece. For those that get cold easily we can insulate a wrap-around closet for the master bath so getting out of the tub or shower is a less jolting experience, and you can dress in warmth.

With Genesis Master Builders Inc. we care about how you live and design your home around your lifestyle….